Wednesday 23 September

Yesterday when we were collecting the floorboard wood, I was looking at the wood piles and their countries of origin. Many, very predictably, came from Sweden. But this one surprised me.

Why are we importing wood from the People’s Republic of China? Scandinavia has forests of massive dimensions, it can’t be right to bring wood from China.

We did not do quite so much out of doors today as the weather has changed to be cool and drizzly. But we squeezed some pears, which sounds very saucy. The venerable Monty Don says that you give them a squeeze and a little twist, and if they come off easily they are ripe. Most of them were not, but I ate a delicious one at lunch time.

In pursuit of our non Covid conversation topics, we have discussed films, and the “King’s Choice”, about the Nazi occupation of Norway, and “The Way”, about the camino santiago have both been recommended. I will have to try and track them down in the long winter months. Music has also been discussed. Two of our number are keen on Steve Reich, but I have to admit I am not a fan. My taste is infinitely more traditional. Perhaps I am missing something but I think I can cope with the loss.

Tim plays a mean guitar, and is becoming more confident with singing too.

A soiree musicale is much more my cup of tea.

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