Friday 25 September

Time to head back to base, and today Croydon is in the news for all the wrong reasons, as a policeman has been shot dead at the custody centre. I don’t really live in bandit country, but London is a big city and has big city issues.

Before I left Maeve showed me her latest experiments in making pottery, which is working with porcelain. It is very fine, and light, and I think the colours are beautiful.

Under “normal” circumstances, there would be local festivals and bazaars, where she could have a stall and no doubt make many sales, but of course currently everything is in limbo. I guess she has an opportunity to build up her stock.

Over the last few days we have been talking about winter time activities, when the evenings draw in and you can’t be walking, or swimming, or gardening or any of the other activities which have amused us in the summer months. But designing more pottery could fill a gap.

I drove back in ferociously windy weather. I heard this evening that the traffic on the Dartford bridge has been reduced to 30 mph limit because of it. Please don’t let it be winter yet. Back in Coulsdon we raided Aldi. Rod and I have also decided to adhere to corona-free conversations. We know what’s happening, we know the rules (we think), but we don’t need to talk about it all the time. But I do hope you can adhere to the 2 meter (the misspelling of metre drives me crackers) distance, like these gentlemen.

One thought on “Friday 25 September

  1. The only question now is how far can we take what is nothing short of destroying the country? Roll on the arrival of an effective vaccine! Why not make the anti-vaxxers guinea pigs?!!


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