Sunday 27 September

Late posting, as I was too tired to write last night. I may only write briefly from time to time, but I do think about it, squirreling away some ideas during the day and attempting to marshal my thoughts in the evening. It is quite a discipline.

I went to watch young Yannis play football, under 10’s. Took me back to the time when I used to take Richard and his friend David to football every Saturday morning at Woodmansterne. Fun to meet the parents and have a natter, to get some fresh air, and cheer the boys on. The coaches and leaders are so dedicated, very inspirational.

Fortunately his team won, 8-2, so it was worth the effort of going there on a bitterly cold Sunday morning. At the end, the little teams paraded past each other, and instead of shaking hands, or hi fives, they elbow-bumped. I found that very sad.

In the afternoon I had a long phone call from a friend who is attempting internet dating. Now there’s another scenario which is fraught with lockdown restrictions. She was meeting her date for the first time, in the open air at 2m distance of course: nothing wrong with that, but how to progress? I am staggered that anyone can form anything resembling an intimate relationship nowadays.

We ventured on a bus to South Croydon to have dinner with Emma and Mark, newly emerged from quarantine after visiting Lanzarote. I feel fine on public transport, mask on, very few passengers. We took an Uber to come home. All of us in masks, windows open, which made it pretty chilly, but hey, it’s only a short journey. Not sure if it will be a jolly experience in the depths of winter.

One thought on “Sunday 27 September

  1. Hi Jenny
    As your blog will become an archive of interest one day, don’t forget to add a few nuggets from our beloved PM so as to keep it Lockdown relevant? It’s not a good year to be a 1st year uni student for sure. Not sure anyone pays the fees to immerse themselves in a total Zoom experience!
    Hey ho. X


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