Tuesday 29 September

Today I went over to Charlton, to see my schoolfriend, and her daughter Kate, my goddaughter. Kate is working from home but in her lunch break we decided to go to the Charlton Lido which has reopened with the usual restrictions. You have to book a slot in advance. I tried yesterday, on the website, but couldn’t get anywhere so assumed there were no vacancies. Kate said according to the app, there were, so I downloaded the app. With some effort I got the right day, location and activity (it is run by Better Leisure which runs many such establishments) but could not proceed when it said session. I tried 13.00, morning, afternoon, nothing worked. So I gave up and said I would come along as a long shot that I could just pay and swim. Or at least complain about their hopeless website and app. So…………..they agreed the website was useless. So could I pay? No cash taken: I have a card. Ah………………the card reader isn’t working, please use the app. OK, I said, here’s my phone with the app, with as far as I could get, you do it. The two girls struggled on, and finally got to the bit for bank details. I had about 3 goes to enter the expiry date, did the rest and pressed submit: card not recognised. Ah………………yes we have had a few problems with some cards. At this point I was either going to explode or burst into tears, so they waved me in for a free swim. I saved all of £4. Honestly, TECHNOLOGY, cash in a bucket would be dead easy, into vinegar if you like to disinfect it! But the lido was lovely, 50m of heated outdoor pool, and I really enjoyed it. All’s well that ends well.

CHARLTON LIDO, GREENWICH. 6th August 2016 | by Lido Road Trip | Medium

As I drove over there, I listened to Classic FM, which apart from the adverts, I like a lot. Alexander Armstrong is a great presenter, very attractive voice. And I thought of a new lockdown challenge. If you could take all the works of just one composer to a desert island, which composer would you choose? If classical music is not for you, it can be rock, or jazz, or musicals, anything you like. Maybe all the Gilbert and Sullivan operas? My father would not have been averse to that. Please email me your ideas, or post them on the comments page here. I’ll tell you my choice in due course, I don’t wish to queer the pitch. And if anyone knows how to access this blog from the beginning, please tell me. I have a friend who is curious to read it from Day 1 and I can’t seem to get back further than June.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 29 September

  1. I would like to say Mozart but it would probably be the music of The Beach Boys, as that always raises my spirits and often results in my dancing in my kitchen!


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