Friday 2 October

Today’s big news is that President Trump and FLOTUS have developed Covid19 symptoms. It took me a while to realise that this is the First Lady Of The United States’ Twitter hashtag. But it caused some merriment in the British media, perhaps because of its similarity to the word flatulence? Just goes to show that all campaigning is a load of hot air.

I made my way to Ealing today, to help look after grandson Adam. I will stay overnight, and as I packed a few items to bring, I thought how the times they are a’changing. So I need my laptop, for blog writing, my phone and charger, medication, mask………………slightly different from the old joke of what the Rabbi says he needs as he crosses himself prior to leaving the house: watch, wallet, spectacles, testicles.

It was very rainy and an entertaining challenge to amuse a wet toddler and wet dog in the park. But I managed and we all came home suitably muddy and exhausted. Adam is very taken with hats, and likes to hide underneath my fleece one.

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