Saturday 3 October

Today was look after dog and toddler day, while the parents emptied the loft, prior to having an extension built. Absolutely amazing what you can accumulate in a loft, we did it too. All that stuff which might come in useful one day but you suddenly realise it never will. So trips to the tip, charity shops, stuff given away on FreeCycle. A small amount reserved for future use.

So I renewed my acquaintance with swings, slides, seesaws, and small children jumping in puddles. At one point the dog lay in a filthy puddle, so I shouted, no, no, bad dog: Adam cried bitter tears, the dog needless to say took not a blind bit of notice.

The news has been dominated by the state of President Trump’s health, now that he has been admitted to hospital. It is for sure a strange thing, Covid19, affecting people in very different ways. Richard has a friend, a fit and healthy young man, who is at present an invalid due to the effects of long Covid.

I listened to Classic FM while driving back and forth to Ealing. The album of the week was music by Mantovani. I remember my parents being rather scathing about Mantovani, not being “real” classical music. My father would describe it as “soupy music of the creamy kind.” He had a wealth of idiosyncratic phrases. I have been trying to compile a list, and compare notes with my sister from time to time. He too kept diaries, somewhat erratically. We shall have to donate everything to Irving Finkel’s archive.

One thought on “Saturday 3 October

  1. In a studio in the late 1980s, we had some record players that were designed to play backwards as well as forwards. That’s when I first discovered that Mantovani’s “cascading strings” sound pretty much identical in either direction!


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