Sunday 4 October

I was very excited today to return to my old routine of a Sunday morning swim at Trinity pool. It is restricted to 12 swimmers per session, 2 in each lane, but there were rarely 12 people at 9.30 on a Sunday morning anyway, so it feels like old times. My usual companion, Diana, was there, and it all felt refreshingly normal. In fact, only 10 people came so I had a lane to myself. Just as well, as I am a very slow swimmer and would be lapped by almost anyone else. I have no speed, only stamina. I can, or could, swim across an Austrian lake, but in my own time. I did 30 lengths this morning, my customary amount, and it is rather wonderful thinking time. I thought about how much I love being in the water, how relaxing it is, how many different types of water I have been in: warm, cold, clear, murky, rivers, lakes, indoor pools, lidos, natural garden pools, all amazing. I remembered a hilarious occasion when I swam in the Starnberger See just south of Munich. Rod came to watch, as far as he is concerned, water is for fish. As I got to the bank, I could see a large number of big fish congregating, probably expecting to be fed, as the lake is a big tourist attraction. There were so many, you could virtually walk on their backs. I was not keen. Rod said cheerfully, oh just jump in, they’ll go. Hm well, I don’t see you doing this. I know of course that wherever I swim in open water, there are other things there, weed, slugs, snails, crabs, fish, it’s just I mostly don’t see them and don’t think about it too much. I did find a place where they were not so obvious, and swam anyway. Fantastic vista of the Alps as you pootle along through the lake, to be recommended. You can even see the place where mad King Ludwig drowned himself.

The rain has been unceasing so it was more of a domestic chores and cook Sunday dinner sort of day. It definitely feels autumnal. Like many people I am thinking about the rule of 6 and how it will affect Christmas. With both children and their partners, plus a toddler, we would be 7. It is exceedingly irritating that small children count, in England anyway. But maybe this can be relaxed by December, let’s not jump the gun.

I watched Michael Palin’s travel programme. Wonderful stuff. He has such a wry take on events and scenarios. The 1989 Round the World in 80 days was pretty ground breaking TV at the time, and even since then, so much has changed. Watching his trip on the dhow across the Persian Gulf was a delight. Perhaps we all search for these type of programmes during lockdown, sheer escapism with a tinge of envy.

One thought on “Sunday 4 October

  1. I love it when I read your descriptions of swimming. Like you, I love the feeling of water on my body and the weightlessness. Even though I am 72 and a bit overweight, in the water I can feel graceful and beautiful again, I wish I had continued my swimming over the years as you have. I’m afraid I do not have much stamina these days. Autumn has arrived here so there will be no more days in the lake (water like silk) until next spring. We do have a YMCA which opened just before the lockdown with a wonderful indoor pool but I am afraid to go there. Our County is experiencing a sharp increase in Covid cases currently. Probably because school started and Clemson University, which is in the next town over, began in person classes about 2 weeks ago.


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