Wednesday 7 October

I had a quick look at the statistics of the blog, and saw that there are now 84 comments. That is so amazing. They can be read by anyone: you go to stats and there is a column on the left. There has been interesting feedback on swimming. My contact in South Carolina writes wonderfully detailed reactions, I am so touched by all the responses. I have 5 replies so far as to my question about which composer’s complete works would you take to a desert island. I hope I may receive a few more.

The three deer were back in the garden again this morning, so this afternoon I went out to make an assessment as to what we can do about it. It is going to have to be some wire netting, fairly high, as they currently just ramble in from the golf course. It was really warm this afternoon and I footled about in the garden, planting some daffodil bulbs and some winter violas to give a splash of colour. These are in the front garden, which I think the deer have not yet discovered.

I am somewhat cast down by the new measures in Scotland, not least because my niece lives in Edinburgh. I appreciate that the powers that be fear an increase of Covid cases in the winter months, but stricter regulations are not something to look forward to as the days get shorter and colder. I will have to return to my “to do” list, although I fear as I did not complete some of these tasks in the previous lockdown, I’m not sure I will in the next. Boxes of photos remain to be sorted and put in albums for starters.

But something I did this morning is quite jolly as winter approaches. I have become a fan of my slow cooker, and today I made lamb tagine. I prepared everything at breakfast time, and it cooked slowly all day emitting a mouth-watering aroma, and tonight there was an easy preparation of some vegetables and couscous. So that is a pleasant task yet to come: investigate more slow-cook recipes.

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