Thursday 8 October

I have seen the future, and it is Lebkuchen in Aldi. These are the lovely German Advent cookies, but really, the beginning of October is a bit early. Although as they also have mince pies and Christmas puddings, I suppose it isn’t really.

It has been a day of chores in the main. Sometimes these things have to be done. I had to take my car for bodywork repair (damaged caused by a Waitrose trolley, let loose by a careless customer, culprit never traced, humph) and I went to a very small set up recommended by the local car part shop, a tiny industrial unit down an alleyway, run by a Portuguese guy called Basil. Now Basil has done an absolutely ace job, but the big attraction was to hear him say my name on the phone, “Ah your car is ready, Zhennifair…..”(with a very rolled r at the end.) Ooooh, he can repair my bodywork any time.

I should have been going to Scotland tomorrow, with my sister, niece and daughter, for a “girls” weekend in Roslin, the place with the famous chapel, Rosslyn, as featured in the “Da Vinci Code.” However, we postponed a few weeks ago, and as all pubs and restaurants in that area are closed, probably just as well, and anyway, we would have been 4 households, also not permitted. I have to say it is hard to keep track of what is permitted in which country. I think I am increasingly irritated by the inability to make any spontaneous decision. In days gone by, we might jump up on Sunday afternoon and say, let’s go to Chartwell, or Standen, or Polesden Lacey. Now you have to plan it, and book a parking slot. Which I have done, for Saturday. It makes me sound terribly lazy to complain about doing this, but I do enjoy a bit of ad hoc activity.

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