Saturday 10 October

There were apparently 5 deer in the garden this morning. The fence issue is becoming a very significant one. Rod is all for improvising barricades of an assorted nature. I want a proper deer-proof fence. Let them go and eat fallen apples in the neighbours’ gardens and get tiddly on the fermented juice, which really does happen.

I booked a parking space at Chartwell for today. It was really lovely to go back there. We have been many times before but there is always something new to see. There were tickets available for the house but we have visited it quite frequently, especially with overseas guests, and decided just to enjoy the grounds. First stop was the fish pond of course.

I believe Churchill sat there and thought fine thoughts. He also did paintings of the golden orfe there. The gardens are still very colourful. This was an unusual clematis.

There were a lot of children skipping about, and the NT had made a big effort to make the place attractive for them. There was a quiz, and they were running round with their quiz sheets, and this display of pumpkins served to remind that Hallowe’en is not so far off.

I reflected that two years ago we were in Lincoln Park, Chicago, where there was a big Hallowe’en festival, and all the houses in the neighbourhood vied with each other for terrifying decorations. It is a huge event in the USA. Here we go more for dahlias.

Quarantine regulations seem to be raining down thick and fast, and any vague hopes of going abroad are fading rapidly. I don’t mind so much if I can travel around in the UK a little bit and see beautiful places like this. Preferably in the company of friends and family of course. Hey ho, let’s see what the pronouncements of Monday will bring.

4 thoughts on “Saturday 10 October

  1. To discourage deer (after they destroyed our first lockdown crop) we put up strong, clear fishing line at 2 and 3 feet off the ground, threaded around metal fencing pins. It works for us. The theory is that deer don’t see very well close-up, so they brush against this stuff and it freaks them out enough to run away. And fishing line is resistant to being stretched.


  2. Even though you are understandably not feeling friendly towards the deer, could you bear to take a photo of them on a future visit, for us to see?


    1. I have taken photos in the past, from the bedroom window, but usually they are a bit too far away to be interesting. Or I don’t have my phone with me when they are closer! But I will try again, just to amuse you, Anne!


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