Sunday 11 October

It was a lovely sunny day and I met Barbara for a walk starting in Cowden, a delightful village on the Kent/Sussex border. This is the little church, St Mary Magdalene, a slightly unusual dedication?

You can see from the blue sky what perfect weather we had. There were many chestnuts, and sloes, and some mushrooms in the fields. Barbara took some parasols home: I know nothing about fungus and am more apprehensive.

There are some exquisite farm houses, in rolling countryside, plenty of horses, and some badly behaved bullocks which the farmer was attempting to move from one field to another: they wouldn’t co-operate and he had to send for reinforcements.

Look at that. Do I need to see castles on the Rhine or chateaux on the Loire? The path followed the stream marking the Kent/Sussex border, and we kept crossing footbridges. And stiles, from one meadow to the next. I wish I had kept count, but there must have been at least 20. It gave a whole new meaning to the difficulty of getting one’s leg over.

We had to cross the railway line twice, once under and once over. It is not a major route, but we saw two trains, wow!

We also met more walkers than we have seen for a long time, maybe because it was a fine sunny Sunday, but there were a lot of young people and we wondered if they were fed up with working from home and never going anywhere and had suddenly discovered the great outdoors. At one point we deviated from the route, unintentionally, and so ended up walking further than originally planned. However, it was good training as we are scheduled to go on a walking holiday for a week, from next Friday. Any new pronouncements permitting of course.

I have to say I was very delighted to see the final tally. That must have burned a few calories.

The deer saga in our garden has provoked comment, thank you so much for responding. As we have no shortage of fishing line in this establishment, we are trying out Mark’s suggestion (see comments on the blog).

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