Monday 12 October

Evidence today that I am regretfully still justified in writing something entitled lockdown blog. Although we are not in complete lockdown, some areas are suffering greatly and so there are tiers of restrictions coming into force. At present the London area seems to be not so bad and there are various theories about this. There is more immunity because we were badly affected the first time around. Almost all office workers are working from home so there is no problem with social distancing and masks. Difficult to know.

Real life Pilates, and actual aquafit today. Mondays are good on the physical fitness front. No alcohol, as I swim at 8pm, so a so-called Alfred day (alcohol free day). Justification maybe for it all going to ratchet at the end of the week.

I collected Yannis from school. He is just so delighted to be back. He described to me their class bubble. They are not allowed to associate with other children outside of their class. They eat their lunch at their tables, and playtimes are staggered. The school day is shortened to minimise contact time. They now finish at 2.45pm, a nightmare for working parents, as there is no breakfast club and no after school club. I believe some schools are operating differently though. But please, please, do not close the schools again.

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