Tuesday 13 October

Deer, deer! I have been asked if I could post any photos of the marauders, so here goes. They do not of course appear to order, but this morning two of them were in the neighbours’ garden.

I think they are roe deer, quite young ones. Always hungry.

I have not had a great deal of response to my question about whose collected works would you take to a desert island. The tally so far is 2 for Mozart (one being mine), J S Bach, Vaughan Williams, Dvorak, and the Beach Boys. An eclectic mixture. More contributions welcome. Perhaps as the nights draw in, one’s attention turns more to music. Mine does anyway, and back to my embroidery.

I am not a great TV watcher, never have been. Perhaps because my parents did not acquire a TV till after I left home, my mother being very much against it, she liked the “wireless.” But I notice that tomorrow night there is a re-run of “Abigail’s Party” with Alison Steadman, BBC4 at 9pm. I remember seeing it the first time around and finding it hysterically funny, because it seemed to so totally encapsulate the era. Cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks. I wonder how I will react now?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 13 October

  1. I discovered recently that Fray Bentos pies are still made in Scotland!
    And that Fray Bentos is a place! Who knew?
    This from wikii …..
    In 1865, Liebig’s Extract of Meat Company was founded in Britain by German chemist Justus von Liebig. The company established a factory in Uruguay to manufacture a beef extract product that would later be sold under the name Oxo. In 1873, the factory began manufacturing tinned corned beef, which was sold in Britain under the name Fray Bentos, the town in Uruguay where the factory was located.


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