Wednesday 14 October

And still the wild life comes to our garden. Today it was Mr Fox, and a very fine specimen he is too, with a white splash on his tail.

He seems to grub around looking for worms. We have nothing but holes in the grass, I won’t call it lawn, what with squirrels excavating for nuts as well. The cat actually gave chase to a squirrel today but she is too well fed to be bothered really. And the squirrels are too agile.

The highlight of my day was my ability to give a Zoom presentation to the Arts Society of Woking. I became a registered lecturer for The Arts Society some time ago, and this was to be my first performance. But because of lockdown it could not be live, so I have been busy acquiring new skills as a presenter via Zoom. I discovered how to share my screen with a Powerpoint presentation: but the biggest challenge was to attach an audio file. I was speaking about the Gold Lyre of Ur project: the making of a playable replica of the world’s most ancient stringed instrument, from 2,500 BC. The slide show all worked fine, and I did in the end discover how to include an audio clip, as of course everyone ends up by saying, what does it sound like? As technology and I do not sit well together, I was quite apprehensive. I am more confident to address a live audience of hundreds. In the event there were about 100 people watching and the organiser was very pleased with the response. As it is a group which normally meets at 10.30 on a Wednesday morning, it goes without saying that the majority are retirees, but I have to say, they all seemed to be catching on well to Zoom. They were very gracious about my talk. I now await a review: like everything else nowadays from Airbnb to Amazon, we all get a star rating or similar.

After labouring over my laptop for most of the morning, I had a walk to oxygenate my braincells. As I walked past some parents collecting their children from school, I heard them saying, well, we WERE hoping to go away at half term……………….it would be so sad if everyone is subjected to a so-called circuit breaker. Hey ho, go anywhere you can, when you can, with whatever permitted companion.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday 14 October

    1. Thank you very much. As you know only too well, there have been times when Lyre presentations have been bedevilled by technological failures! This was a new challenge!!


  1. Just looking through a few of your blogs Jenny as I’m on my lunch break. The final sentence is very well put ‘go anywhere where you can…etc’. It’s definitely developing our resilient skills. Also, congrats on the presentation!


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