Thursday 15 October

Sadly it seems I am all too justified in continuing with the lockdownblog, as London enters a Tier 2 from midnight tomorrow. I have to say that in common with many other London residents, I feel a shade resentful that every borough is subject to the same regulations although the rate in Croydon is relatively low. I looked back at my personal diary entry for March when the first total lockdown was announced, and I was very frightened and sleeping very badly. I don’t feel panicky this time, just cross. I will have to return to my to-do list, how very tedious!

The feedback from yesterday’s Arts Society lecture continues to be good, I am so thrilled. It is an odd feeling talking to camera, and not getting any immediate action from the audience. Usually I get gasps, or sighs, or giggles when there is a comic element to the story, but talking to the void, as all participants are muted while the presentation takes place, takes some getting used to.

It has been suggested by one of my loyal readers that we should see what people’s favourite bird is. Hers is the hoopoe, one was spotted yesterday, unusually, on the cricket green in Collingham, Yorks.

The hoopoe, named after its soft 'hoop hoop' call, was probably blown off course from south Europe and should be heading to an African hotspot by now for winter
Only 100 visit the UK annually, usually in the south, and one hasn't been seen in this part of Yorkshire for 40 years

It is certainly a very good-looking fowl. I will have to think what mine would be: not the parakeet, another frequent visitor to our garden, and a raider of soft fruit. Also goes on the list of marauders.

In general a day of fairly domestic chores. I have been weaving a bit more fishing line in the margins of the garden, as a deer deterrent. They may be short sighted and get spooked when they brush against it, but I fear I am also short sighted, and struggle to tie the knots in it as it slithers through my fingers.

I enjoyed watching “Abigail’s party” last night, still on iplayer if you missed it.

It is an absolute showcase for Alison Steadman, who is the hostess from hell. It very much encapsulates the 1970’s and in some ways, seems a very slow burner, but the endless cigarettes, and the music of Demis Roussos were a terrific blast from the past. Very acidic humour, quite cringeworthy at times. The creator, Mike Leigh, apparently did not like it as much as the audiences did. It must have struck a chord with the chattering classes.

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