Friday 16 October

“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…” Today sees the start of a big adventure, a trip to the Isle of Wight. Not exactly exotic but nevertheless, I am very excited. It is a week’s walking holiday, based at the HF centre of Freshwater Bay. I have linked up with Barbara, Janet and Jeremy, and the first thrill was the ferry crossing from Lymington to Yarmouth. It felt almost as good as boarding at Calais.

Here we are, going down the shipping channel at Lymington, with the Isle of Wight in the background. Lovely weather at present though forecast to be more inclement as the week progresses.

Here we are, the intrepid travellers. The ferry was quite busy, I guess people commute to and from the mainland.

The Freshwater Bay HF centre used to be a hotel, and is pretty big, 43 rooms, only half of which at a guess are occupied, owing to current distancing regulations in the bar and dining room. It is located on the top of the cliff, overlooking Freshwater Bay. Except my room faces the back and I have some nice cows to look at.

Amazing sky. The sun is dropping down by the Needles. I went for a little stroll before dinner, just down to the beach. I so like the seaside. Perhaps it derives from the fact I was born in Portsmouth and even after we moved away when I was four, we spent every summer back there, visiting the grandparents. My first holiday at the age of two was to Bembridge, Isle of Wight. So to a certain extent this is a trip down memory lane too.

The view from the grounds. I walked down to the beach: someone was swimming, in a wetsuit I have to say. Someone was fishing, a dog chasing a ball, people out for an evening wander. It all seemed refreshingly normal.

This seems an archetypal beach scene.

I walked back and joined the others for a drink, and then dinner. A great treat to have everything placed in front of you, and the only decision to be made being which walk to join tomorrow, and what filling to have in the sandwich for packed lunch. I think it’s going to be a jolly week.

2 thoughts on “Friday 16 October

  1. Happy New Years, Jenny. We are treating today as a real holiday. Very rainy and gray with storms predicted for the afternoon. Staying in our pjs, drinking coffee, eating leftovers and perhaps drinking something a bit stronger while watching our favorite football team in the semi-final game for the national Championship. I decided to spend some of my mornings catching up on your blog. May not become current but know I’ll enjoy the journey. Delighted to find today’s post and excited to read about your holiday on the Isle of Wight.


    1. Happy New Year Janice! I hope your team won. The Isle of Wight holiday was wonderful and already seems a life time ago. But here’s hoping that 2021 will bring more adventures.


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