Saturday 17 October

The day dawned bright and sunny and 12 of us set off from the house to do a circular walk: under current conditions no mini buses are being used to set off on more distant walks. We first saw an amazing thatched church, St Agnes, in Freshwater Bay. There are apparently about 20 in the entire country.

Another very curious sight: a statue of Jimi Hendrix. One of his last performances was at the Isle of Wight festival.

We walked across to Colwell Bay where they have a good line in beach huts. The Isle of Wight seems in many ways to be like the land which time forgot, it is quite quaint.

This suddenly seems more of a travelogue than a lockdown blog, but I hope you can share with me the excitement of being somewhere different and enjoying the English scenery.

This is Alum Bay which is known for its multi coloured sand. As a child I had a glass lighthouse with sand stripes in grey, yellow, orange, green and red. Even today I am told you can buy such things. We walked to the tip of West Wight, to the famous Needles, and saw the Needles battery which was an important defence in both the First and Second World Wars.

We have seen some quite quirky things, this being one, a series of mosaics on the public toilets:

And this on the old lifeboat station at Totland:

The whole of this area was much beloved by Tennyson, and he bought a house here, but he was pursued by the Victorian equivalent of the paparrazi and did not stay long. However his son Hallam bought some land now known as Tennyson Down, and there is a monument to him which is a notable landmark.

The walking is not difficult, steadily undulating, with views in all directions. Our walk leader is very well informed and gives us local details at various points. We chalked up 10 miles and felt very delighted.

This is another curiosity noticed by one of our walkers. The signposts have no mileage on them, I suppose everyone knows how far it is to Ventnor.

One thought on “Saturday 17 October

  1. The Isle of Wight Was if course much loved by Queen Victoria so you’ll come across many references to her and quite a few antique shops for your enjoyment. Give my regards to the gang.


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