Friday 23 October

Dawn over Freshwater Bay. My last day on the Isle of Wight and I wanted to paddle in the sea. So I went out at dawn. There were 5 women swimming, and I would have joined them except the time was too short. They said it was wonderful, they swim there regularly. But I did paddle. The light was beautiful. I do love being by the sea: perhaps being born in Portsmouth leaves me with a residual hankering for the ocean.

We took the car ferry from Yarmouth to Lymington. As we waited for the ferry to arrive, there was a shower, and a rainbow over the marina.

It was fun to spot from the sea the places we had walked past earlier in the week: Fort Victoria, the Tennyson monument. And so ends the longest holiday I have had this year. It was a magnificent interlude and I need to contrive a few more breaks from the everyday.

I see that Scotland now has 5 “tiers.” Someone has written to me saying, keep going on the blog, you may be here for a while yet. Digital Christmas? Bah humbug!

One thought on “Friday 23 October

  1. So glad that you have had such an interesting and rewarding time on the Isle of Wight. We here have kept on the desk next to the computer our OS map of the area (the 1988 version, incidentally!) and have enjoyed following your activities day by day. Here’s to your next holiday! Will we have the maps?


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