Saturday 24 October

A sort of clearing up, returning to the old routine sort of day. Certainly no 10 mile walks in the countryside. Not only was it fun to spend so much time in the open air, but the food was pretty good too. Hopefully you can see the range of what was on offer. HF (Holiday Fellowship) was started in 1913, very much in the youth hostelling tradition. Over the years it has changed into hotel type accommodation, but usually focused around some kind of activity, not only walking. Also originally it was teetotal, but that is far from the case now, the bar is an integral part.

If you zoom over the photo, you might be able to see the wide choice available. You fill in a form each night with your choices: this saves a great deal on wastage and effort. They use local suppliers wherever possible. I think it works well. And although I walked about 50 miles in the week, the three course breakfasts and three course dinners, not to mention the amazing packed lunches, have ensured that I have a couple of pounds to lose.

I spent some time in the garden, devising more deer deterrents, but the weather deteriorated greatly, so I did not make much progress. But I feel last week will have topped up my vitamin D for a while. So it was indoor chores of a more mundane nature. Sometimes it has to be done. And hesitating will not help: “this won’t buy baby a new bonnet.” A phrase which we resurrected last week, and wondered about its origin. Any suggestions?

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