Sunday 25 October

Clock change, back one hour, and now it really feels like autumn. But I fear that short dark days combined with a degree of lockdown, is not going to be a very jolly experience. However today was a lovely one, from many points of view. After initial rainstorms, it was sunny and the autumn colours of red and gold are beginning to be impressive.

We managed to entertain the grandson in Osterley Park. Throwing leaves in the air and shrieking were tremendous fun. And seeing the little friend who is just a bit bigger and more skilful.

The sunset over Osterley House was good too.

Osterley is on the flight path to Heathrow, and interestingly there seemed to be as many planes as ever, about one a minute. Now I wonder if they are flying half empty and are just trying to keep up appearances, or whether because it is half term week, people are actually going abroad on holiday. There were certainly many families out in the park enjoying the autumn sunshine, and some of our number enjoyed jumping in puddles. Oh to be two years old again and unaware of pandemics!

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