Monday 26 October

Unfortunately my Pilates class is now back to Zoom, as the church hall we use is apparently not large enough or safe enough for a Tier 2 class to take place. Disappointing. Last week in the Isle of Wight, the walk leader explained that as we counted as a sporting activity, we could move around in a group greater than six. But he added, “if anyone challenges us, I have 46 pages of regulations printed off which I can show them!” No wonder people are unsure about what they can or cannot do. I have today heard of two lady friends who are suffering from panic attacks. This is a worrying sign. I fear the more we feel intimidated and frustrated by all the government mandates, the more panicky and volatile we will become. I am grittily determined to do all the things I am permitted to do for as long as I possibly can.

I was amused by a conversation at the post office today. I am admin for the Lyre of Ur Project, and I had to post a CD to Belgium today. As usual, I was asked what was in the parcel. “A CD,” I replied. “Oh, do people still buy CDs?” “Hm, well I hope so,” I said, “as I still have a whole stash to sell!” But then I fell to wondering about this. Are they going the way of video cassettes and DVDs, everything is now streamed? My father had a collection of classical LPs, and cassette tapes. Nothing could be done with them. So sad.

The other excitement of the day was the piano tuner’s visit. He was here for an hour and half and the piano sounds much better now. I said it had got a bit tinny, an expression which made him wince a little, I think I should have said “bright”. But he did a great job and I was inspired to sit down and play this evening. Like most piano tuners he seems to like to have a bit of a chinwag when he has finished. I know he and his wife like ballroom dancing, and this time he was full of lamentations because they have not danced since before lockdown. Also his son is an “entertainer” (his words) which involves singing, also not permitted. The arts are really taking a serious hammering.

I was in the garden creating a deer deterrent, as 3 of the beasties were back on the veg patch earlier. I was doing what might even be called tatting with fishing line across the gap where the deer come in from the golf course. I hope the theory that they are short-sighted and will be frightened by brushing against it holds true. I have looped it round the existing bit of broken fence, the Leylandiae at the edge of the garden, the elder tree, the holly bush, I have suspended some (old) CDs so that they glitter and cause a fright: well a nice conjecture. The reality is probably that 3 hungry deer will just barge through and I will just have to get a substantial wooden fence.

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