Tuesday 27 October

How to cope with marauders.

I went to investigate the fishing line adorned with CDs this morning, and it had not been barged through, so clearly the deer did not like Edexcel AL German listening tests any more than the candidates. But now the cat decided that she should do her bit and attack squirrels. Here she is, sitting on the table, knowing that she should pounce (you can see the squirrel’s tail) but as ever, leaving it too late.

It was a dreary rainy dark day, and I can see that lockdown in these conditions is going to be far worse than in spring when the days were getting lighter and warmer. It is serious food for thought. I can cope with cold and wet, just put on more clothes, but it’s the darkness which gets me down. However, the evenings start drawing out from 16 December, so only 7 weeks away.

I decided I needed some fresh air and exercise, which I miss after being out walking every day last week. I have to say we were very fortunate with the weather, very rainy on the Isle of Wight this week. Plus they have had problems with stowaways on a tanker. I bet you could see the helicopters and lights from where we were staying. So I went for a short walk on the Farthing Downs, memorably renamed by Ryan as he was learning to read, as the Farting Downs. This is common land owned by the City of London, and as such protected from any encroachment or development. It is a wonderful area of chalk downland. Recently grazing cattle have been reintroduced: it looks amazingly rural and yet is within spitting distance of suburbia.

I have been looking at the stats for the blog, and am amazed at how many days I have written, how many views I have had, how many comments. Thank you so much, dear readers, I welcome feedback at any time and trust that my lockdown musings are affording some diversion.

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