Wednesday 28 October

After last week’s activity on the Isle of Wight, I felt inclined to walk locally while the weather remained halfway decent. This was in Knole Park, near Sevenoaks. And look, more deer.

But these are beautiful deer living in a park, and I regret to say that the marauding deer have returned to my garden. I think it’s going to be huge wooden fence panels now. The deer at Knole are rutting, and we saw some stags rounding up their harem, but we didn’t hear any of the strange noise which they make at this time. There are warnings about not approaching them, as they can be quite dangerous: the stags are bursting with testosterone.

The death of my friend’s mother at the age of 96 has made me think about mortality, and our attitude towards it. The outcry about Covid deaths is, I am beginning to think, a mass communal simultaneous realisation that we are all mortal. People die on a daily basis under any circumstances: it’s just that currently many people are unexpectedly dying of the same thing. I hear that Macron is imposing total lockdown in France for the whole of November. I am beginning to think that this only serves to push the timescale back a shade. I suppose the hope is really for a vaccine. The truth is, none of us is immortal, though we would like to be.

I took Yannis to Lloyd Park this afternoon and believe it of not, there is a funfair there. Not many people on the rides, it has to be said. There are lots of notices about sanitisers and deep cleaning, but they never strike me as being the cleanest of places at the best of times. I have never been able to go on the rides in any case, they make me feel sick. All half term activities have been severely limited for the children round here. Parks and playgrounds and playing games of snap and snakes and ladders are about where it’s at. Or the endless Nintendo games.

One thought on “Wednesday 28 October

  1. Here’s a quiz question for you. What’s the collective noun for a small group of deer?
    It’s a ‘parcel’ How quaint that the rutting stags are fighting to mate with a parcel


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