Friday 30 October

My niece was due to come down from Edinburgh this weekend, for a family visit, as we have 3 birthdays in rapid succession at the beginning of November. But Scotland is moving to an isolationist policy and almost all travel is now forbidden, so those plans are kyboshed. (Or kiboshed. I looked up the origin of this strange word, and it seems unclear, possibly from Turkish. It came into use in England in the 1800’s) Like most other people I am heartily sick of crossing through arrangements on the calendar. Is it better to make no plans at all, so as not to be disappointed? I am not good at that, I like a few little things to look forward to. I must resume booking a car parking space at some National Trust properties.

I spent the afternoon with the 2 year old grandson. Jumping in puddles is the best thing in the world. Closely followed by the see saw. I took him a book which plays Old MacDonald, so we had a great deal of eei eeio.

My greatest success today was to get a dental appointment for the end of November. I have been ringing on a regular basis and was told they only see emergencies. I have a broken tooth or filling so it is annoying but not painful. I was told they can only see 4 patients per day. Admittedly the premises are very small, but 4 a day?? She said the room has to be sealed for an hour then deep cleaned, and all the instruments taken away and sterilised (well, I thought they always were). Anyway I thought it best not to look a gift horse in the mouth so I graciously accepted the appointment offered.

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