Saturday 31 October

Halloween, and we’re all spooked by the thought of another national lockdown, starting on Thursday. I was at Aldi very early this morning, not I hasten to add, to stockpile, but simply to do a big shop before the usual weekend rush. I asked the checkout assistant if he had seen any evidence of panic buying or hoarding, and he said no: only that people tended to do a big shop once a week rather than popping in two or three times a week. There were no apparent shortages: there seems to be a feeling of, we’ve been through all this before and we know what to do.

The weather was dire, but I did eventually get out for a walk. I went on my old lockdown route, through the golf course, along some footpaths in a big circuit back to the house. It takes about the previously permitted hour for exercise. There were a few other people doing a similar thing: I think we are getting in training for what is to come. I was in the garden for a while, increasing the deer deterrent. More fishing line. I think the deer are smirking at a distance, thinking, and she thinks we’ll be taken in by that?

I wanted to hear Boris Johnson’s announcement although much of the information had already been leaked, so I put the TV on at 4pm, the promised time. Then at 5pm. Again at 6pm. I imagine there must have been massive disagreement in the background, as he finally spoke at 6.45pm. The reality is much as predicted, and as before, except that educational establishments will remain open. I feel so sorry for arts venues and hospitality, which have just managed to get going again, with Covid proof limits in place. From an utterly selfish point of view, I am glad I managed a week’s walking in the Isle of Wight. Clearly the most adventurous thing I will do this year.

And so, dear readers, it would appear that I am justified in continuing with the lockdown blog, although it will be a challenge to write something every day, as nothing much will happen. I believe when I started in March, I declared it to be the musings of a locked down female of a certain age, living in Coulsdon. So I will continue musing and welcome any suggestions of topics to be rambled over.

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