Monday 2 November

I got very caught up with watching “The Children Act” on BBC2, and was then too tired to write the blog. It is a gritty tale of a judge (Emma Thomson) having to make a life and death decision for a boy of 17 who is a Jehovah’s Witness and refuses a blood transfusion. I won’t reveal the plot but it is very gripping, with a lot of ethical dilemmas. I think Emma Thomson is an amazing actress: just the way she puts her bag down in a jaded and exhausted way tells you so much.

Something very interesting happened which gave me food for thought. Out of the blue I received a phone call from a former Edexcel colleague, because “I wanted to hear a human voice.” I had not heard from her for some time, just a Christmas card, but when we were working together, we talked all the time. It transpired that she is now a widow, and very immobile, cannot even get into the garden. But she says she enjoys watching the birds, and has very good neighbours who keep an eye on her. She wanted to know if I had news of other former colleagues, and to that end, I rang another who I had not had contact with for ages, and we caught up too. I then decided that during the next lockdown I must make the effort to pick up the phone and chat to people who live alone. Emails and blogs are all very fine, but I felt very emotional when she said she just wanted to hear someone’s voice.

I went to the garden centre, as I was not sure if they would remain open this time. It seems everyone else had had the same idea, and it was fairly stripped. However, the good news is that they will stay open this time, as the government has acknowledged that it is important for people’s mental health. The cafe will close, although “takeaway coffee will probably be available.” It’s great how adaptations are made.

I swam for the last time till December, or January, or whenever. There is a dispute about open air pools being closed: watch this space. Long live Charlton Lido! The cat has confided that she is very happy that there are fewer fireworks this year. Every cloud has a silver lining.

One thought on “Monday 2 November

  1. Agree about 5 November: it is also responsible for god knows how many injuries, even when bonfire and firework events are properly organised! Also Halloween (which is anyway an import from across the Pond) seems just an excuse to harass people. Mercifully we were spared it this year… Grumpy old sod, ain’t I?!


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