Wednesday 4 November

I suppose everyone was completing their pre lockdown activities today. I was one: I had my hair cut, pretty short, as I am not totally convinced that there will be much relaxing of restrictions on 2 December, but we’ll see.

This afternoon I went for a very lovely walk starting at Godstone green, going through a very quaint part called Churchtown, where we could see the exterior but not interior of the church revamped by Gilbert Scott. Also some very fine almshouses in the Tudor style. This was the view going past the Bay Pond.

An archetypal view of the autumn trees reflected in the water. It was apparently excavated to hold back water for a mill. It is now a nature reserve. We walked through Tandridge and along part of the Greensand Way, lovely views over Surrey from the ridge. It was sunny and warm enough to sit on a log and picnic. It is these sort of events which sustain me during lockdown. I am pleased to note that I am allowed to walk with one other person, at a social distance I guess, and it does not seem to have to be the same person each time. I have read that this a so-called mast year with a massive proliferation of acorns, conkers and chestnuts. We fed a few acorns to a pig who grunted very happily.

Two Zoom calls today: this is the future. No parties, no socialising, just Zoom. Last lockdown I had a different pair of earrings every day until I ran out. I thought this time I might play a different CD every day and tell you what it is. But any other suggestions gratefully received.

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