Friday 6 November

We have a daily copy of The Times, though I am beginning to wonder why, as the news is virtually the same every day. On the back page there is a daily quiz, and I amuse myself by looking at it. In general I am not bad at what might be called general knowledge, and usually do all right at Trivial Pursuit and such like, but this one is beyond me. I am totally useless at what might be termed popular culture, and not far behind on sports questions. My average out of 15 is about 4. One day this week I got 7, and I was so delighted.

I have decided to print a certain number of photos each month, and keep some albums. We have had such fun recently looking at old photo albums and I realise that when everything became digital we have no albums except on the computer, which no one ever looks at. So I am keeping one album of photos of grandson Adam, and one of other events such as walking on the Isle of Wight.

A lovely sunny day, so walking in the park, and absorbing the sunshine. Watching the schoolchildren bounding out of school at the end of the afternoon, I felt so glad that the schools have remained open, also the parks and playgrounds. There seemed to be a steady amount of traffic around, it just did not feel as locked down as before. There seems to be an air of optimism that if we knuckle down for 28 days, we might indeed return to something less restrictive on 2 December.

I am listening to The Traditional Celtic Harp CD. I have to admit I have no idea where it came from but as I was involved with running the Stamford Harp Festival for quite a few years, and met many harp players in that time, I think it may have been a gift from a grateful artiste. There will be a steady flow of harp CD of various types, for the above-mentioned reason. The nice thing is that my laptop has a CD player in it, so I am able to listen to it as I type.

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