Sunday 8 November

Remembrance Sunday, and even the traditional commemorations have of necessity been very low key this year. I read that the sale of poppies was much reduced, no door-to-door collections. The tentacles of lockdown are far-reaching.

My Sunday was very much house and garden with nothing very exciting to report. I put more fishing line up, the deer deterrent appears to be working. I swept leaves, lit the bonfire. The smell of the smoke is very evocative of autumn. I have cleared an area where an apple tree used to be, to pant bulbs for a cheery spring display. Annoyingly the cat thinks it is the perfect designer toilet facility, and the squirrels think the bulbs might be acorns and therefore edible and so excavate.

I have just watched a programme about Cornwall, always a deprived area but suffering greatly during the pandemic. As ever, it picked up somewhat in the summer, but there is no permanence about the jobs in the hospitality industry and most young people end up having to move away. But very interesting to hear that there may be the prospect of reopening some of the mines.

I very much like my CD of Mozart’s Piano Concerto 21. I enjoy most piano concertos: I think the first LP I bought was of Beethoven’s Emperor. But I like this particular one by Mozart because I so loved the film “Elvira Madigan.” Beautiful photography, very romantic and tragic story, and the music seems to fit perfectly. A masterful choice by the director. I am becoming more interested in film music, how it enhances the visual. Mahler’s Symphony no 5 for “Death in Venice” is a case in point. I can never hear it without seeing Dirk Bogarde in his decline: I think Thomas Mann’s novelle is a masterpiece but the film runs it a close second.

One thought on “Sunday 8 November

  1. Jenny, have you ever seen a documentary about the way a composer creates original movie sound tracks to fit the action. Years ago, I saw one which featured John Williams and the creation of the music for Star Wars. It was fascinating. I think John Williams is my favorite living composer. His creations always stir my blood. Current productions by Amazon are using a lot of popular music including the lyrics, which I find terribly distracting. While the songs are relevant to the plot, I think they undermine the drama of the presentation. Sensory overload. You have inspired me seek out the films you mentioned. I have read Death in Venice but didn’t know there was a film.


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