Tuesday 10 November

I have spent a lot of time in the garden today, digging, raking, wrestling with weed suppressant membrane. It was warm, sunny, very unlike November, apart from the shortness of the daylight hours. While I am outside, things run through my mind, and today I was very preoccupied with a programme I watched last night by Robert Rinder, who was investigating his Jewish background. Like so many Jewish families, he discovered a track back to the Holocaust, and the individual histories are so incredibly moving. What I found very pertinent was when he stood by a grave in Belarus which contained the bodies of many of his relatives, he said, don’t imagine that these kind of atrocities no longer exist. There is still persecution and genocide, remember this.

My 9 year old quasi grandson has been sent home from school because a child in his class has tested positive for Covid. It seems he has to self isolate for 14 days. We have been scouring the regulations as to what the rest of the family should do, as long as he remains symptomless. I have to say that it is extremely difficult to work out, no wonder people get fed up with trying to interpret the rules. I should say that I have not had any recent contact so I am not radiating the virus through my blog.

Only 5 weeks till the evenings begin to draw out. 21 December may be the shortest day but from 16 December the evenings become lighter though the mornings darker. More time for listening to music. My CD is by Krystian Zimerman, a wonderful pianist. His interpretation of Chopin is fantastic but as I have already had a Chopin CD, this time it is Mozart. So relaxing.

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