Friday 13 November

An auspicious or inauspicious day? Depends whether you believe 13 is unlucky I guess. It was not unlucky for me, as I got to spend a lot of time with grandson Adam. I am getting to be an expert on children’s playgrounds, which as a parent I found pretty boring, but as a grandparent I can see creates a lot of activity to wear them out, ready for a nap later, for everyone. I am also amazed at how much fun one can have collecting empty snail shells.

If you get chance, do look at my comments page. I am so delighted to receive feedback and I am touched that so many people are still following the blog and feel animated enough to write back to me. Wonderful stuff.

I do have a huge number of harp CDs. One of the most talented South American harpists is Leonard Jacome, originally from Venezuela, and playing a typical Venezuelan/Colombian harp. He stayed with us once, before giving a performance, and as his English was not perfect, we coached him in what he had to say. One of his errors was to pronounce because as “becows”, so we practised endlessly because, because, because…………….So he got on stage, played his harp, got very excited, and said “becows”. I have one of his harps in my house: I am permitted to sell it he says, so if you would like a new lockdown hobby, make me an offer. Here he is:

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