Tuesday 24 November

Seen from my study window yesterday morning: dawn over the Farthing Downs. Such a lovely start to the day.

Today I went walking in Kent. In an area we have not been to before, just south of Sevenoaks, near Fletchers Green. Oast houses and horses, and winter wheat making the fields look green.

We met very few people, one lady with a dog, and a couple of walkers. It was predictably pretty muddy in parts. The phrase “clarty boots” sprang to mind. All I know is that it is an expression from the north of England, meaning sticky mud, but the derivation seems unclear. I also thought of the word “claggy” but that apparently is more often applied to weather meaning drizzly and misty. Dialect words are very fascinating as they are often relics from a bygone age. The influence of Old Norse or Huguenot French.

And how about this for a road name? I’d love to know the origin of this. I tried to look it up but all I got was blandishments from estate agents wishing to interest me in property there.

I have only recently discovered the music of Einaudi. It sounds deceptively simple, but is very haunting and at the same time relaxing, I feel. This is one of his best known pieces.

And finally………………………a man goes to an optician for his annual eye test. The optician puts a contraption on his face and asks him what he can see. “I see empty airports and empty football grounds,” he says. “I see closed theatres, closed pubs, closed restaurants.” “That’s perfect,” says the optician, “You’ve got 2020 vision!”

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