Wednesday 25 November

Since the government’s pronouncement, there has been a great deal of talk about Christmas. People seem to have put up fairy lights and trees already, perhaps to cheer themselves up. I am very resistant to this. I like Advent, and we have not even reached Advent Sunday yet. I find it a very calm period (normally), with my Advent wreath, lighting another candle each week, eating some Lebkuchen or Stollen and having a glass of mulled wine. I much prefer the German tradition of bringing the Christmas tree indoors just before Christmas itself. I do usually have to buy the tree a little in advance and keep it in the garage, otherwise there are none left, but I like having it indoors for about a fortnight and no longer.

I have spent a fair amount of time in the garden today, planting bulbs, which I have to cover with net otherwise the squirrels excavate the lot, and taking the lawnmower to be serviced. Such are the excitements of lockdown. It has been very cloudy and gloomy today, it seemed hardly to get light at all. I have also made phone calls and written letters, real letters, not emails. It’s fun to receive proper mail, especially at the current time when everyone feels more isolated.

I read that it is the anniversary of Scott Joplin’s birth. I do enjoy his ragtime pieces. I am not a great fan of jazz, does ragtime count as jazz? It is very cheery stuff, so here goes:

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