Friday 27 November

The dark days of winter. Today sunset was at 15.58.(error in 1st edition yesterday) From 8-16 December it will be at 15.51 and thereafter it begins to draw out. The solstice is on 21 December but only because sunrise is getting later. I am enormously cheered by the fact that by the end of December the lighter evenings are beginning to be noticeable.

I was looking after grandson Adam for quite a bit of today. The last of the great dictators: grandma kick the football, grandma go upstairs. He likes singing nursery rhymes and as we saw many spiders’ webs when we went out, we had a few renderings of Incy Wincy Spider. I am very pleased that he will be largely unaware of the constraints of lockdown. No swimming lessons, no toddler football, but he will catch up in time.

A university friend of mine is circulating jokes and cartoons during lockdown and today there was something by Kenneth Horne, which I remember so well and found hilarious. For some reason I then thought about Flanders and Swann, from the same era I guess. I think this was my introduction to Mozart’s horn concerto, which I love, but this always makes me laugh.

2 thoughts on “Friday 27 November

  1. Sunset today not 4.58 but 3.58pm. We are preprogrammed to be effected by light,,and the change in light too. I feel SAD after June but the opposite after December.


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