Saturday 28 November

We went for a walk in Lloyd Park this morning, and bumped into old friends we have not seen for ages. It was great to catch up albeit briefly, and it was very encouraging to see that so many groups of people were out, patronising the coffee shop, playing with the kids and taking a stroll. It was quite a vibrant atmosphere. The little cafe changed hands earlier this year, and I was so sorry when the universal lockdown forced them to close. However, they have reinvented themselves as a take-away, with plenty of tables outside. They could not pour the coffees fast enough today, so good for them.

Little Adam is acquiring language fast and it is a source of endless entertainment to hear him chatter. It also works like an echo effect. At lunchtime, I told him that something was yummy scrummy: next utterance, yummy scrummy, grandma. I was reminded of a situation when I was teaching English as a Second Language at Coulsdon College, with quite a few 18/19 year old asylum seekers, in other words, quite grown up students. One day I asked Claudio, from Angola, to fetch something, or hand me something, and he looked up and said, “Okey dokey, Miss!” I had to laugh, it sounded so incongruous, but I know it is something which I say. Every casual phrase will come back to haunt you!

I very much enjoy the music of Vivaldi and I heard this today on the radio. We have the CD or maybe even a tape, which we used to pay in the car, and Emma and Richard called it “the coming home music”. Perhaps because I felt like listening to something joyous at the end of a long journey. This is only an extract from the longer work, but I find it very uplifting during these metaphorically and literally dark days.

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