Monday 30 November

I woke up this morning hearing the birds twittering. It was almost like spring. My mother always said that 14 February was the birds’ wedding day, and mostly they don’t seem too vocal till the spring. Perhaps it has just been deceptively mild. A rude shock in store though: snow forecast in sunny Coulsdon on Friday.

The latest “excitement” in these parts is another planning application for back garden development. 4 houses have already been built on the gardens not so far away, and the latest application is for a house even nearer to us. We get offers almost every month now. I actually like my garden, and the space which it affords, which has been a boon in these trying times of lockdown. I don’t want to be overlooked, I don’t want to sell. Perhaps I could train the deer to savage the ankles of the prospective developers.

It was a rather raw day and very dark. My exercise was 2 fitness classes and a walk round the block. Some Christmas decorations in evidence but not too many. I prefer it like that: 2 months of trees and fairy lights has to be too much, to my way of thinking. This time last year we were about to go to Strasbourg with a couple of friends, to see the Christmas market, but it was all cancelled owing to the French railways going on strike. We had booked Eurostar and the TGV. How simple it now seems that we were only grappling with the striking French.

So I thought you may be amused by this, instead of yet another musical reference, although there is also music here. It made me feel quite “homesick.” (Think you will have to cut and paste the link to the BBC here)

Weihnachtsmarkt Landshut

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