Thursday 3 December

Yesterday I omitted to mention that we came across a bunch of trainee tree surgeons. The instructor was a very interesting guy who had been in the business for a long time. It is obviously a risky business and he knew of 5 fatalities last year. But he says that things are much improved, and certainly what we could see seemed to be hedged about with safety ropes and helmets. There were 4 trainees. It apparently takes 4 weeks, and costs £4,000.

Or it does with his establishment. I suppose this may not be universal. But guaranteed employment at the end of it. Apparently tree surgeons are in great demand.

Today I am on grandson patrol. I count myself very fortunate to live not too far away, especially in these complex times. I heard today from a former colleague living in the Midlands in Tier 3, and a long distance from his grandchildren. Zoom or Skype are not quite the same.

As I drove to Ealing, I heard Shostakovich’s Waltz 2. It is a wonderful lilting lyrical piece and somehow I never think of it being “typical” of Shostakovich. For some reason I expect it to be Russian and spiky. But it is not.

3 thoughts on “Thursday 3 December

  1. Every time I cut even a small branch off I realise how utterly dangerous it all is and how branches can come back at you from nowhere. It is actually statistically impossible for a tree surgeon to live past 65.


  2. Have loved all the music you have shared. This piece has really struck a chord with me. Like you, I would never have guessed it was Shostakovich! I, also, love his very “Russian” compositions.

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