Friday 4 December

I am getting to be an expert at every playground in this part of Ealing. I need to do something to run the legs off a very energetic two year old. Thank goodness all the play parks are open. During the first lockdown it was a nightmare. Pretty cold and rainy but this does not deter the little one from puddle jumping. He also managed to demolish a whole croissant. I broke a piece off and he demanded “big one.”

It seems to me that people are going overboard with Christmas decorations this year. It must be to compensate for the frustrations of lockdown and no Christmas parties. I have seen galloping reindeer, baubles on front garden trees, fairy lights galore, fully decorated Christmas trees, Santa stops here signs, inflated snowmen. I cannot think of anything less jolly than a virtual Christmas party.

I have chosen a piece suitable for the time of year, which I first heard at the Stamford Harp Festival a long time ago, played here as I first heard it, by the very talented Eleanor Turner. Do listen all the way through: it is played on the classical harp, an unusual and evocative piece.

And finally………………….to entirely lower the tone: a notice spotted locally here in Ealing

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