Thursday 10 December

I woke today to a power cut which lasted about an hour. Unusual: perhaps the French are withholding electricity as a means of speeding up Brexit talks. I boiled water on the gas cooker to make a cup of tea. It was very reminiscent of living in Kenya where the cuts were much more frequent. I would read by torchlight for a while, but then just give up and go to bed.

An interesting challenge has been issued by a local group of ramblers; spot the weathervane. From them I also learned that the word vane is the same as German “Fahne” meaning flag, which is pretty obvious when you think about it. There are some wonderfully idiosyncratic weathervanes around. Please let me know if there are any near you. I will start taking some photos too.

Daughter and partner accomplished the house move, a cliff hanger right up to the last minute, with removal men sitting outside the new property awaiting the key handover. But the new house is bigger, important as they are both now working from home and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. A strange sign of the times: to move further away from the office rather than closer.

Today’s ho-ho: Why was production down at Santa’s workshop? Because many of his workers have had to elf isolate.

One thought on “Thursday 10 December

  1. I thought the wordf reminded me of the Fohn Wind in France. And then of flag in NOrwegian which is flagget or wimpel (they have two shapes square or triangular). Wind being ‘vind’ in NOrwegian and waft is Vifter. But oddly blow dryer is hårføner. To wave is å vinke and to wink is å blunke.


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