Friday 11 December

I’m afraid childminding commitments rather obliterated me yesterday hence a late posting. But it is a truly delightful way to be distracted, since national news seems to be nothing but gloom, either Covid or Brexit related. I keep reminding myself that this is a lockdown blog, and should hence relate to the ongoing problems. I have to admit I am getting used to closing my mind to them, as apart from wearing a mask in a shop, I do not feel unduly affected. Of course I cannot go abroad to visit friends or go on holiday, but I am kind of resigned to that and am inclined to plan stuff in the UK next year. Still lots to see, footpaths to be walked, lakes to be swum in.

Lockdown has produced a spate of building works round here: loft extensions, new roofs, new garden sheds. We and the immediate neighbours are worried about the ever encroaching back garden development. Yet another neighbour has sold off and applied for planning permission for a semi-detached house. We like our long garden, deer and all, and don’t wish to be overlooked and lose the green and pleasant aspect. The positive spin-off from all this, is that all the neighbours are talking to each other, by email at least. Perhaps next year we can have a Christmas party.

I leave you with this: why are Santa’s reindeer allowed to travel on Christmas Eve? They have herd immunity.

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