Monday 14 December

I have taken a little trip to friends in Peterborough to assist with painting and decorating. I made my self useful today, doing walls and ceiling. The light was good so I pressed on. Working at anything by daylight is so much better than by artificial light. Another sign of anno domini I suppose.

This evening we relaxed by watching the Norwegian film “The Wave,” a truly scary experience about a rockfall in the Geiranger fjord which causes a tsunami wave and kills lots of people. It is a real possibility at any time: an account here.

It seems that London will return to Tier 3 on Wednesday but we still have 4 days respite 23 -27 December. Some of this does not quite seem to add up, but I will plough on regardless with the lockdown blog, as I would say we are still locked down. I was thinking today that some people will be greatly relieved that they do not have to invite boring Uncle Stanley and fretful Auntie Flo at Christmas: every cloud has a silver lining eh?

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