Wednesday 16 December

Staying in a village has unexpected delights. Today Maeve and I went to Tallington which is near to Stamford, to buy a Christmas tree from a farm. Well 2 trees, to be pedantic, one for her and one for me. The farmer says he is doing really well this year as everyone is staying at home and so needs a tree: no galloping off to Lanzarote. So one positive side to lockdown. He also had 3 donkeys, who were very willing to be photographed.

I asked if they were called the three wise men, and he said they were originally (!) but are now known as Tom, Dick and Harry.

This afternoon I returned to painting, two doors and a windowsill. Nearly done now. We also put up some fairy lights in the flat where I am staying. It looks very festive, but not as spectacular as the neighbour’s house across the road. Truly amazing.

Tonight we watched 2 episodes of “The Queen’s Gambit.” It looks to be a very fascinating story of a girl chess prodigy. As we do not have Netflix at home, it may be a bit of a challenge to me to watch the next 5 episodes. Perhaps if lockdown is to continue indefinitely, we should sign up.

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