Friday 18 December

I have to admit that I do not constantly follow the Covid statistics nor the rules in the various tiers, but today I did look at what is happening in Scotland as my niece is stranded in Edinburgh. This is what I found:

  • It is illegal to travel outside your own council area except for certain essential purposes.
  • People living in other parts of Scotland must not travel to your area except for essential purposes.
  • Non-essential travel between Scotland and other parts of the UK is not allowed.

So how is this going to be enforced, with border guards and checkpoints? This is too reminiscent of East/West Germany for my liking.

Frightening people is going to have terrible repercussions. A 7 year old of my acquaintance has tested positive. She is sobbing and crying because she thinks she might die, and she might kill granny. In reality she is scarcely ill at all, she was tested as she had been with a known case. Children watch TV, they hear their parents talking: we are all becoming so fearful.

Well I’ve had my rant. I was in two supermarkets today and they seemed to be doing a roaring trade so some people are definitely expecting visitors at Christmas, including us! More fairy lights are appearing by the minute, which is cheery on a miserable day like today has been. In my online Pilates class this morning, many ladies wore Christmas hats, which made it rather festive. In days gone by we have organised to go out for a meal together. It all seems suddenly rather strange to contemplate. I wrote my Christmas email today and winged it around a little: it is not full of anecdotes of trips and holidays but more an update on family matters, which is probably all that anyone wants to know. The pages and pages of “we painted the bathroom pink” and “Jonny got 10 A stars in his GCSE’s” are long gone I think.

I watched a programme about railways in the East Midlands, the highlight of which is Loughborough Central station, now part of a very significant heritage railway line. When I lived in Loughborough I used it a great deal. It was a delightful route going down to London Marylebone. Very straight and very fast. Nottingham Victoria station was right in the centre, very convenient for going shopping or to the theatre, which I often did as a teenager. I had a crush on John Neville at the Nottingham Playhouse. Happy days.

I end with Stille Nacht. I have often been in Germany or Austria at this time of year and for me this carol is very evocative of the approach to Christmas.

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