Saturday 19 December

It is increasingly difficult to remain upbeat in this blog, especially now that London is to enter Tier 4 from tomorrow. I cannot begin to comprehend the massive amount of disappointment which families will face, and the huge amount of food wastage, as I have seen the shopping trolleys laden with goodies. Right at this moment I cannot face drilling down into the minutiae of the new regulations. It will probably change in two days time anyway. Cynical, moi?

To cheer myself up I watched Mortimer and Whitehouse “Gone Christmas Fishing.” They are a couple of old codgers who like to dangle a line and gossip. This episode is set in Middlesbrough, Rod’s home town, and some of the fishing is on the River Tees, his happy hunting ground in his childhood. As a 10 year old he would catch a train alone, take himself off to the river, and go home when it was dark or he felt hungry. Can’t imagine that happening nowadays. It’s a quirky programme but has its merits.

I drove to see a friend in Penge today, and we went for a walk in the local park. She is a single girl working from home, and is feeling desperately lonely. She is very terrified by all of the pronouncements so tonight’s is not going to be good for her. As I drove there, I heard the German carol “Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen.” The harmonies and timings are just beautiful: hang on for the counter tenor near the end, it brought tears to my eyes.

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