Monday 21 December

The Winter Solstice and the shortest day. I suppose more daylight is something to look forward to, there is precious little else. I usually manage to remain pretty upbeat but I have to admit to feeling more than normally cast down today. Anything resembling a Christmas celebration has had to be cancelled: I know it is true for everyone but that does not make it any easier.

However, I do have something to put on next year’s calendar. On 16 July I have a much postponed ticket to see “Leopoldstadt” at Wyndham’s Theatre. I am still waiting to hear if “The Visit” at the National Theatre will be restaged. I did some drive-by drop offs of Christmas goodies to my goddaughter and family, and to my foster son. We stood at the regulatory 2m distance and had a shouty conversation. Hard for the kids with no festivities. And for the adults……………………the only answer is wine and chocolate.

Fat chance!

I heard this today: Spiegel im Spiegel. I had heard it before, but today it suited my mood. It is a quiet meandering piece, deceptively simple, but I find it very relaxing and as I was generally feeling very agitato, it was very appropriate and calmed me a great deal.

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