Wednesday 22 December

I think for once in my life I am beginning to be lost for words. Every news programme, every conversation, has two topics, Brexit and Covid. It is all getting to be too boring. That and, how much excess food and drink have you got now that Christmas is cancelled? I managed to pass on some food, and gifts, by meeting some of the family in a country park to the west of London. I drove on the M25, past Heathrow, and although the traffic in that area was lighter than you would expect at this time of year, in general, there were an awful lot of cars thundering past. On the overheads it said STAY HOME TIER 4. Now I was always told that writing in capital letters is the equivalent to shouting, and I don’t like being shouted at, and I had the feeling as the cars zoomed past, that the drivers were all waving the proverbial two fingers at these signs.

The romantically named Black Park Country Park is very spacious and had loads of muddy puddles for the kid to jump in. I heard the lady at the cafe say that they had never been busier so every cloud has a silver lining for somebody. On the way home I called at the farm shop to get some eggs. Toby always has a chat and today he was very glum. He is of the opinion that there should never have ben any suggestion of a let up at Christmas: just say in advance, it’s cancelled, and crack on. To build up people’s expectations and then shoot them down, is unforgivable, in his eyes. I think he has a point.

I feel I should end on a more upbeat note. I heard this carol on the radio as I was driving today. This particular version is pretty feisty.

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