Christmas Day 2020

Happy Christmas one and all! I had thought about taking a break for a couple of days, but writing the blog has become a part of my routine now, and many of you have been kind enough to say that you check every day, and certainly the statistics are encouraging. Please do give me feedback and access the comments if you can. It is fun to read what others have written.

We went for a walk in Beddington Park this morning. It was sunny and bright and there were many people there, kids on new scooters, dogs with silly hats and woolly coats, and everyone very friendly and chatty.

Like so many other families, we had our get together on Zoom, but it was lovely to be able to see everyone, and see Christmas trees and decorations. We had agreed on minimal presents this year but it meant that the ones received were very special. I got a unique OS map, where Coulsdon is at the centre, as I had complained that all my local walks ran on to at least 3 different maps. So this is a tailor-made one, entitled Bramley Ambles.

We watched the Queen’s speech: I thought it had a more religious tone than usual. She is a very devout Christian and this came through more clearly than is often the case. It was very correct and uncontroversial and tried to end with a note of hope. She did well I think.

We had our Christmas dinner a deux: nice food, nice wine, just very quiet.

I would like to end with a video which has been forwarded to me, of Ugandan children who are part of a music and dance project for deprived kids. It brings home to me very forcefully that we have so much to be grateful for, even in times which everyone perceives to be harsh and depressing. I leave you with greetings from the Masaka Kids Africana.

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