Monday 28 December

And another Bank Holiday, the replacement for Boxing Day which fell on a Saturday. Not that anyone bothered to do anything, the shops are not busy, there are no sporting events. In fact I noticed round here that building projects have resumed. I have decided that I have to do my usual lockdown walking routine, so I went back to a walk I have not done for a while, to Little Woodcote. It is remarkably rural, and I passed a field of grazing horses.

It was exceedingly muddy and I was reminded of the Flanders and Swann song, “Mud, mud, glorious mud!”

After lunch I decided to have a little rest and read the paper. The cat also thought that a kip on the bed was a great idea……………..and I came to as the sun was setting about 4pm. Unusual for me, but has to be done sometimes. What else are Bank Holidays for, except rest and relaxation? I did manage some piano practice. I had a go at the Bach Prelude and Fugue which I did for Grade 8. Fearfully challenging and I have a long way to go. But I find the mathematical symmetry of it endlessly fascinating.

I never did play the prelude as fast as this. But the fugue is great, you can hear the theme recurring at different levels all the time, and it was a tremendous piece to study and play.

I am half watching the Royal Institution Christmas lecture, but it is not the same without a live audience. I always like it when they get the children involved. They are doing their best with Zoom participation. Then to see episode 2 of Black Narcissus. I reserve judgement so far, though the scenery in Nepal is spectacular. I have never read any Rumer Godden, perhaps I should.

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