New Year’s Day 2021

Having said that there were no celebrations for New Year’s Eve, I was kept awake from midnight to 1am by a huge number of fireworks. It was very loud and the poor cat tried to hide under the duvet. I am not in favour of either fireworks or cats on the bed. So is this a good omen for 2021?

New Year’s Day was one of the quietest I have ever experienced. It was a gloomy, dank sort of day. This morning there was a flurry of texts and emails extending the usual seasonal greetings, and some witty videos recording the end of the gritty year 2020. This afternoon I went out for a walk, one of my old lockdown routes, except before it was springtime with flowers coming into bloom and the trees turning green. I had the satisfaction of covering 3 miles, and meeting total strangers who wished me Happy New Year.

I phoned a couple of friends who live alone. It is seriously tough going I think, few shops open, no libraries, theatres, clubs, choirs, churches, pubs………..where singletons might socialise and chat to others. For younger singletons it is a monotonous routine of eat, work, sleep, repeat. I have hung up my 2021 calendars, and look forward to putting some engagements on to them. Next week brings Polesden Lacey, a NT property, where you can visit the gardens if you book a parking space in advance. I am so delighted that the NT has kept the gardens open this time.

My niece went for a New Year’s Day swim at Portobello, Scotland. I checked the temperature, it was 7.9C. That is pretty seriously cold. Her family of course all blame me for her passion for wild swimming. I have to say I have not ventured into water as cool as that. However there is something exceedingly exhilarating about wild swimming, whether in the sea, lake or river.

In Vienna there is always a New Year’s Day concert, predominantly of Strauss’ music. This is an entire concert but you could skip through a few moments just to get the flavour of it.

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