Sunday 3 January

One of the advantages of writing a blog is that helps to reinforce what day of the week it is. You might think that for retired people it is fairly irrelevant anyway, which is partly true, but normally my week is punctuated with swimming on Sunday, aquafit on Monday etc etc. Now literally every day is the same. No dentist appointment, no hairdresser, no optician, no theatre…………….need I go on? I remember my father finding a Punch cartoon hilariously funny, which I had to have explained to me as a youngster. Two hippos are swimming around in a swamp, and one says to the other, “I keep thinking it’s Tuesday.”

Today’s walk was in Ealing, in a very attractive park near the River Brent, in itself prettier than the name might imply. We did some serious swing pushing for the grandson.

I am glad that he is too young to appreciate what is currently going on. Older children are beginning to be seriously upset without in some cases really knowing why, except that masks and distancing and parents in a stress is distressing for them.

I received a beautiful bunch of white tulips and blue hyacinths today. The perfume from them fills the room, and fills me with hope for the springtime. Sunset is now 16.06 which means it is light till after half past four, also an encouraging sign. The birds are beginning to twitter in the morning and although I was always told that 14 February was the birds’ wedding day, I think they may already be getting a bit frisky. Though the promised snow showers this week may dampen their ardour.

Driving to Ealing I heard Daniel Barenboim playing the 1st movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Now this is something I do still play though not as beautifully as the maestro of course. It is more difficult than it may sound, covering a lot of ground with many accidentals. I have noticed that many of my favourite pieces are in a minor key: the other day on Classic FM 4 consecutive pieces were in a minor key. I wonder why this should be. The popular concept is that minor is “sad” and major “happy” but I would venture to disagree with this. Time to do some research.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 3 January

  1. I totally agree – major = happy, minor = sad are lazy concepts drawing from a really narrow cultural and historical range.

    For example, some of Bach’s “minor” tonality pieces are gorgeously happy!


  2. Many pop songs wander between major and minor keys.. Penny Lane by the Beatles, many by Burt Bacerach Strawberry FIelds is actually out of tune as well..


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